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Escape the stress of your everyday life!

While staying at the Mineral Point Hotel, we invite you to visit our local day spa in Belmont Wisconsin. Located 12 miles (15 minutes) away, you will find a serene get away perfect for relaxation! Also, bring in your room key and receive a discount!

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or call 608.762.5635

~Massage Works Day Spa~

When you're traveling, we understand it can be hard to find a pet-sitter. We recommend Brenda Culver, a local here in Mineral Point, owns and operates "B's Groom and Bloom". Brenda assures that your furry family member will have a comfortable visit as well as providing grooming services so they are refreshed and relaxed after their stay. She can  arrange to have your pet picked up and dropped off at the front door of the Hotel for your convenience!   Call Brenda anytime between 9:00am and 5:00pm. to set up your reservation, 608.574.4526.

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