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Tour Room 1810

Room 1800 / #1   - $110 seasonal rate

Located on the first floor, features a separate exit door and a private outside sitting area. This Room has a queen-size bed, a large bathroom, and a spacious standing shower.

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Tour Room 1830

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​Room 1820 / #3  -   $130 seasonal rate

This enchanting second floor room has a street view overlooking Commerce Street. Featuring a king-size bed along with a private "Reading Lounge" and clawfoot tub with shower, great for relaxing.

Mineral Point Hotel

Tour Room 1800

Room 1810 / #2  -  $110 seasonal rate

Located on the first floor, features a private balcony overlooking Brewery Creek. This room has a queen-size bed and a walk-in shower. From here, guests are only a few steps away from our beautiful side patio.

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*SEASONAL RATES: run from March thru October. WE DO NOT CHARGE ADDITIONAL FEES OF ANY KIND. YOU  PAY THE RATE PLUS the 10.5% state and city sales tax only. 

Tour Room 1820

Room 1830 / #4   -  $130 seasonal rate

This serene second floor room overlooks our side patio and gardens, including two queen-sized antique beds. Double doors open to a luxurious clawfoot tub with shower, perfect for winding down after a long day.

Room 1840 / #5  -  $130 seasonal rate

Our grande room beckons guests looking for a bit of peaceful seclusion. Located on the second floor, featuring a balcony overlooking Brewery Creek, a king-size bed, it's own private hallway, and a double-door bathroom including a clawfoot tub with shower.